So I gave up blogging. As we all do at times. A lot of crazy stuff has gone on over the last year since I decided to delete everything and abandon the blog.

Last time I was here, everyday I was moaning about everything, we were in an unsafe property struggling to get the landlord to carry out the repairs that should have been done before he even considered allowing a family to live in it, money was ridiculously tight after both private rented places screwed us over financially and left us in debt, my other half lost his job for taking time off with cracked ribs and I was generally depressed.

So whats happened in that year? Well we moved (thank god!) to a council flat, thats much safer and cheaper to run. Eva started nursery last september and has just started in reception last week, today is her first full day!


Oh and I have a new little person in my life…


Isobella was born August 6th 2014 weighing 6lb 3oz. Born on her due date and naturally! (Im sure I will fill you all in on another post)

Eva has taken to being a big sister amazingly and is such a great little helper (most of the time). She has grown up so much the last few months its crazy.

Things are still a bit up and down… (Lifes never perfect aye!) But Im coping, Im coping better than I think I have for a while now 🙂

So Ive been gone a while and I havent even stalked the people i used to yet 😉 (dont worry i will) so feel free to leave a link to your blog for me to check out while I get back into the swing of things! I’ve got a lot to do to get the blog looking the way I want again but I guess thats part of the fun, not to mention my own fault for deleting every single post (oopsy!).


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