Work experience

I left college at 18 after miscarrying my first baby (I previously posted about it before I wiped my blog and Im sure I will write about it again at some point) and since then Ive been in 2 refuge’s and then moved in with my Mr after finding out we were expecting Eva. I have been a SAHM ever since which is lovely, I absolutely adore spending time with my girls (although stressful at times!) but I would love to get out there and work, meet new people and be a good role model for my daughters.

As the Mr lost his job just after finding out I was pregnant and he hasn’t managed to find a job yet we decided between us that I would claim JSA for us and get as much support as I can to get into work and find the career for me. After applying for jobs and constantly being turned down I applied for an apprenticeship which I did at least get an interview for. I didnt make it through due to ‘lack of experience’ which is quite possibly THE most frustrating part of trying to find work. After moaning at my local JCP that I wasn’t getting anywhere they offered to have me do some work experience with them.

I spent 5 weeks there, front of house mainly and assisting in any way I could and I actually surprised myself!
I’ve always has low self-esteem and confidence which makes it so hard to talk to new people. Id literally end up in tears trying to talk to people that I had to let alone attempt to strike up a conversation in person myself!

I somehow managed to become friends with the other woman doing work experience there and had quite a laugh with a few members kf staff and day by day I could feel my confidence growing. I was shocked after a few days, walking home I realised I had spent the entire day talking to complete strangers, helping them fill out forms, use the computers, pass them on to experienced staff etc without panicking in the slightest!

I quickly learnt that I am still pretty damn good with computers, especially data entry, and finding solutions to problems. It’s helped me realise an office job even if customer facing would suit me very well. I recieved a certificate at the end which I have of course added to my CV but again im getting nowhere with my applications so when I went to sign on I had a chat with my work coach who is a lovely lady and after explaining that although I now have some experience at least, I think that my lack of relevant qualifications may be what is holding me back, so she booked me in with gotrain for an introduction to see which courses they have available that should help me get where I want to be. (Fingers crossed!)

I always thought Id either go into childcare or some kind of ICT but lacked the confidence to really try and get into it, childcare can take a backseat for now at least as I think I have enough experience of that at home! Im definately wanting to go down the office/admin/data entry/receptionist route and I am so glad I finally have a strong idea of where I want to be career wise! I want nothing more than to be able to help support our family and show my daughters that even a mother with no experience can build a career around their family.

I seriously suggest to anyone out there struggling to find work to offer companies a few weeks of your time to gain some experience, you may love it, you may also hate it but if your feeling a bit lost and have no idea what to do then what do you lose? If anything you can rule out jobs you thought you may enjoy and learn what would be more suitable for you too!

Im looking forward to my intro at the end of april and feeling much more positive about myself and that I will have a career in the very near future!


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