Scoliosis & back pain

After Eva was born (2010) my back pain never went away, whilst pregnant I was regularly in tears struggling up the stairs into our flat, attempting to walk to the shop and was convinced it was due to the extra weight.

Early on in 2012 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and narrowed disc space between L4-L5, very little was explained to me other than it was a curve in my spine & the narrow disc space was most likely the beginning of DDD (Degenerative disc disease), I was referred to physio which after a while I couldn’t afford to get to and my Gp at the time just prescribed a few boxes of diclofenac and left me to it.

I generally try to stay away from doctor’s so as not to waste their time and prevent those who genuinely need appointments struggling to get one so I decided to stop going to see him when I was in pain. Since then my pain has worsened, my lower back is agony most days, my shoulders ache, on a really bad day I can barely move without wanting to scream and cry! Obviously having another baby would have put pressure on my spine so I expected to have a few bad days whilst my body returned back to normal.

Since christmas the pain has got a lot worse to the point I have actually cried quite a few times instead of just wanting to. Over the past month or so my left leg has felt numb up top but I feel shooting pains from my knee’s downwards. Walking a 3 minute walk home during my work experience one day I was in so much pain I walked through the door crying and broke down. My Mr had been on at me to go back to the Dr’s and find out what was going and see if anything had progressed and what I can do to help ease and prevent the pain.

After struggling for another week I knew I had to admit it wasn’t just going to go away and having two little girls to look after I need to be fit and healthy and able to play so I booked in at the Dr’s. My surgery is a walk in centre so I had an emergency appointment on a bad day, I was seen by a Locum who prescribed me some co-codamol (only after I almost begged in tears for something just on the bad days) sent me for an x-ray and booked me in to see a Dr to review the results.

I went back thursday just gone and I saw the same Locum who was covering for the Dr, She said the report states my spine is twisted, she went on to look at my back getting me to bend over etc and decided to refer me to physio again which I am grateful for but Im still pretty clueless as to how bad my spine is, how to manage the pain etc and even after I explained I knew very little but was worried that for a few days before I had some chest pains on the left side each time I breath in, the pain was so bad I couldnt get comfy enough to sleep for hours, if I turned certain way’s it literally felt like my ribs were on top of each other, similar to when you cross your fingers, she didnt have much to say and seemed to just want me back out the door so I left thinking maybe its not that bad at all, perhaps I was just over-reacting to the pain.

When I told my Mr what had happened he was fuming, he took me back to the surgery, explained the situation to the receptionist and asked for the x-ray report to be reviewed with a proper Dr who could explain in more detail what was going on and refer me to some kind of spinal specialist who can monitor the problems and a referral for a pain management clinic. After having a look on the NHS website it seems these are actually the first steps to be taken after a Scoliosis diagnosis!

Im still worried I wont be taken seriously, I do feel being so young they probably think im playing on it so the Mr has said he will come with me this time and make sure things are done properly. Part of me is dreading it if I am honest, what if it’s worse than I first thought? Or maybe it really isn’t that bad and Im a wimp and wasting their time when someone else who might desperately neef am appointment can’t get one? At the same time Im hopeful that I might finally have some answers after 5 years of wondering what this all means, Im hoping that somehow I can find a way to control the pain and carry on with day to day life as normal.

I am dying to get into the working world and don’t want any of this holding me back either! I want to get things under control, I want my life back, Im sick of struggling to move, snapping at people when Im in pain, missing out on things with the girls!

I’ve just realised this post has become a bit depressing so I think I will stop here for now. I just needed to share this somewhere as I feel Im always moaning about the pain and dont want to annoy everyone with it. I know there are people suffering a lot more than I am and that I am extremely lucky for all I have!


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